What is the Yes!factory

We are working with people who want to change their lives and those of others in a positive way whether it is in a company setting or their private lives.

We educate, motivate and empower.

The tools and models we use are vetted and proven in the real world based on state-of-the-art science, expert opinions, and easy to implement tools.

Our work aims to:

• live life longer and healthier
• optimize reward based outcomes
• co-creation and co-operation
• and a Yes! from the person you want in your business

There is always a choice

We started the Yes!factory to make people realise that there is always a choice improving your own situation and making a difference for others.

That you as an individual have a great influence on your own situation.

That you can create more freedom and independence in your life.
And that making use of one single opportunity can be as important and valuable as working a lifetime.

Free radicals

Some will call us dreamers, do gooders, or even ’free radicals’.
But really …. “What others think of us is none of our business”.

We are open to meeting, working and playing together with like minded, forward thinking, positive individuals who want to create progress and making a difference by making the world a better place.

Not only for themselves, but also for their family, friends, clients, patients and business partners.
We are the Yes!factory because ‘no’ is not an option.

Do you want to

Just think about these questions and more importantly your answers:

Do you want to experience more freedom?
Do you want to do what you really like?
Do you want to do what you are good at?
Do you want to be more independent?
Do you want to determine your work / personal life balance?
Do you want to be inspired by the people you are working with?

Find out how

Do you want to be passionate about what you are doing?

And do you believe it only takes one great opportunity that will be worth a lifetime of work?
If I could show you a way to make money in the mean time so you can realize your dreams, needs and wants…
Would you want to find out how?

Join the Yes!factory, if no is not your option

Click on the button of your choice, leave your coordinates and I will share you a very interesting – some call it – unique opportunity, that’s all. The decision is up to you